About Us

Modern Portfolio Management For Everyone

We are a modern portfolio management and research platform for you to build and mange your investments independently, but most importantly custom to you.

Investment Profile

We intake information about your financial picture ranging from your income to investment preferences. Using this information, we help articulate what makes you tick as an investor. Think of it as an investment personality assessment.

ETF Research

Using the information from your questionnaire we score our entire ETF universe. We rank ETFs that resonate with your beliefs and risk tolerance so you can quickly filter through the noise. From here, you individually research ETFs on our site to add into your portfolio.

Portfolio Analytics

Once you’ve constructed your portfolio, we offer in-depth analytics on your custom basket. Understand how your portfolio has performed, its make-up and how diversified it is.

Shareable Portfolios

Want to share your portfolios with your friends or make money off your picks? Invite friends to see your live performance or host it on our marketplace for all users to subscribe to your picks.




Our Story

We Are On A Mission to Enable Anyone To Invest On Their Own

Our story was founded on the trading floor at an investment bank. Having worked as a Quant and ETF research analyst, our co-founder Cameron was asked by friends and advisors alike: what should I invest in? While a simple question, it warrants a complex answer as everyone has unique constraints and interests. Born from this was Investipal.

We wanted to bring the tools institutions have at their finger tips, but streamline it so anyone – regardless of their skill level – could confidently invest on their own.



Meet The Team

Cameron Howe

Co-Founder & CEO

Cameron spent several years as a Quant, ETF and Macro research analyst for a Canadian bank. He has also worked at a fintech, commercializing new product offerings and as an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Army.

Abdi Jama

Co-Founder & CRO

Abdi brings extensive sales experience, helping several SaaS companies launch their business development and sales strategies ranging in size from a few employees to over 100. Abdi has been a passionate DIY investor for over a decade.

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