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Streamlining how advisors onboard, manage and communicate with their clients

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We’re building a client-first approach to advisor portfolio management

Streamline Your Practice

We provide the tools to research, build and analyze custom ETF portfolios for each of your clients.

1. Getting to Know Your Client

Our compliance-focused onboarding form uncovers what makes your client tick from their goals to investment traits.

2. Uncovering Their Investment Profile

Based off your answers we uncover what drives their investment process and preferences.

3. Selecting the Right ETFs

Our research portal helps you determine the ETFs that resonate best with your client’s goals.

4. Build a Portfolio

Select a weighting scheme for your portfolio optimized for your client’s goals.

5. Communicate With Your Client

Provide access to your client so they are kept in the loop on their investments and share any updates within the app.


ETF Metrics

Portfolio Insights

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Get a tailored demo on how Investipal can help streamline your portfolio management and build custom portfolios for each of your clients. No model portfolios.

Uncover Your Client's Investment Profile

Everyone is unique and their investment process is no different. Interpreting information about your client and their finances we help you craft an IPS and share that digitally with your client.

Research Investments
Matched To Their Goals

Using your client’s preferences and goals we match you with a low-cost ETF universe to build a portfolio from. We provide all the information you need to make an informed investment decision with a few clicks.

Manage Every Aspect Of Your Custom Portfolio

After selecting ETFs to include in your portfolio and weighting that basket to your needs, we provide in-depth analytics on everything from risk metrics, performance, over or under concentrations within your portfolio and ETF correlations. 

Client Communications

Increase transparency and access by sharing our live portfolio tracking screen with your client. They can see how their portfolio has been performing, individual holdings and high-level analytics on their purpose-built portfolio. You can share updates within the app, cutting down on phone calls and emails.

A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you invest on my behalf?

No we don’t! We provide you the tools and information to build an intelligent portfolio custom to your client. You can then take that information and purchase ETFs like you normally would.

Why did you start Investipal?

Our founders spent years working as Quantitative investors for large banks and in that time one question from advisors, friends and family always popped up: “what stock should I buy?” While a simple question, it warrants a complex answer as not everyone is best suited for every investment. Armed with that, we launched Investipal to empower individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions on how to manage your money. We didn’t want to force you into anything so we provide the tools and you are free to make your own decisions.

Do you offer model portfolios?

We are working on pre-built portfolios that you can replicate for your clients. 

See What People Are Saying About #Investipal

“I was having a tough time figuring out what to invest in. Honestly, Investipal simplified this so much for me. I fill out a bit about my goals for that account and it scores everything so I know what to focus on.”

– Edward S.

“Hands-down the best analytics I have seen. I know how this portfolio has performed, what’s its dividend yield, and the correlations between all my holdings. Well done!”

– Chris J.

“I kept going to Reddit to see what I should invest in. Not sure why I didn’t make the move sooner, so much more self explanatory on what investments to focus on and how to weight my portfolio.”

– Natasha A.