Create recurring revenue from your subscribers

Share your real time investments with your following. No more referral codes or ad revenue. Create recurring revenue streams while providing your subscribers with useful information

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sharing portfolios

Automated portfolio sharing

Build out your investment portfolio through Investipal and invite your subscribers to follow along. You set the price and create a recurring revenue stream without the need to generate more content from. With our realtime data feeds, your subscribers are kept in the loop on what you're invested in. 


Help your subscribers confidently invest on your own

  • Onboarding

  • Profile

  • Investment Research

  • Portfolio Analytics

  • Invite Your Friends

Get investments narrowed to your goals and beliefs

It all starts with our onboarding questionnaire. We ask you a series of questions ranging from your investment beliefs, your disposable income  and what type of account your using. 

We use all this information to score over 4,000 investment products - returning to you a filtered list to start your investment research from.

Understand what makes you tick

Based off your answers in your questionnaire, we distill your investment persona. This includes information about your risk tolerance, your investment traits and a sample portfolio.

Filtered Portfolio Research

We narrow in on an investment universe custom to you. From this, you can independently research investments from this universe where we provide all the key information for you to make an informed decision.

Want access to all ETFs and stocks across North America? Head over to our Screener where you can filter through the over 4,000 investments on our platform.

Construct a portfolio from the ground up

Our detailed portfolio analytics give you a snapshot on key information about your portfolio like dividend yield, return, volatility and correlation of your holdings.

Adjust the weightings of your holdings to see how that effects your overall portfolio.

Investing is fun with friends

Invite your friends and family to view your holdings and provide them with updates. Get inspiration from others on what they're investing in and add it to your own.

One tool for all your investing

Click below for a live look at one of our shareable portfolios