New Year, New Investipal: Enter Our Portfolio Assistant

Investing can be hard. Our new portfolio assistant and leaderboard helps streamline the way you invest.

Our goal at Investipal has always been to empower the everyday investor with the tools you need to confidently build your own portfolio, regardless of your skill level. We're proud to release this month our very own portfolio assistant to help you start investing, along with our new leaderboard to see what others are investing in.

Portfolio Assistant

We understand investing can be complicated and you may not be up to speed on some of the terminology. Our new assistant helps break down each question so you have more context on why we ask for certain information and why it's important to you.

Any new member creating an account will automatically be greeted by our assistant and any existing users have the option to update their questionnaire like always, or leverage the assistant instead.


Just like anyone can create and share a playlist on Spotify, anyone can share their portfolio on Investipal. You can set your portfolio to public which will add it under our Leaderboard. Other users can come in and subscribe to your portfolio including adding your holdings directly to their own portfolio.


We'd love to hear from you! If you have any feedback for us, as always please reach out to 😊


Happy New Year!

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