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We help independent investors manage over $80 million on our platform

We offer the world's only investment research, portfolio analytics and sharing platform. Regardless of your skill level our AI portfolio assistant will help you construct the perfect portfolio.


Here's how you get primed for investment independence

We offer all the tools you need to confidently build a portfolio custom to your goals and beliefs.


Investment Assistant

Fill out a bit about yourself and your investment goals and our AI assistant will help match you with a universe to start your research from.


Uncovering Your Investment Profile

Based off your answers we uncover what drives your investment process and preferences.


Selecting the Right Investments

Our research portal helps you determine the investments that resonate best with your goals.


Portfolio Analytics

Uncover detailed analytics on your portfolio's risk and return metrics.



Invite your friends and family to view your portfolio. They'll get live access to your picks and performance.


We'll let our customers do the talking

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I think this is the personal finance tool that a lot of people have been waiting for. It's sitting right at the sweet spot that gives more adventurous investors the tools to mimic a fund manager without paying their exorbitant fees. I've shown this tool to a couple of pro investors and when they finished wiping the sweat forming on their brow from imagining advisor fees evaporating 😅, they agreed that this is exactly what the more active investor is missing from their tool belt. Lookout FAs, Investipal is coming for you!

Great product for the common investor. Helps to close the gap between institutional and retail investors, giving common people a fighting chance.

This is an exciting and timely product. I think we are seeing a generational regime change in global credit liquidity. Chasing meme's is probably not going to be the best strategy going forward. In taking a global macro approach, I've looked to Investipal to quickly screen ETFs, allowing a setup that is looking resilient as the S&P bleeds.


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Manage your portfolios completely free

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  • Checkmark Custom investment screening
  • Checkmark Research ETFs that align with your goals
  • Checkmark Analyze detailed portfolio analytics
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Set the foundation to manage all your clients' accounts.

  • Checkmark Accounts for each of your clients
  • Checkmark Detailed KYC onboarding
  • Checkmark Access over 3,000 ETFs
  • Checkmark Client portal to share performance and updates
  • Checkmark Live performance tracking

A little more on us

Do you invest on my behalf?

No we don’t! We provide you the tools and information to build an intelligent portfolio custom to your client. You can then take that information and purchase ETFs like you normally would.

Why did you start Investipal?

Our founders spent years working as Quantitative investors for large banks and in that time one question from advisors, friends and family always popped up: “what stock should I buy?” While a simple question, it warrants a complex answer as not everyone is best suited for every investment. Armed with that, we launched Investipal to empower individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions on how to manage your money. We didn’t want to force you into anything so we provide the tools and you are free to make your own decisions.

Why not use a robo-advisor?

Robo-advisors bucket individuals into pre-defined portfolios based off their risk tolerance. We are aimed at the individual who wants to invest independently. If you want to get smarter about investing and need the tools to aid you – you came to the right place! Anyone can build a completely independent portfolio on Investipal.

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