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Whether you’re looking to get started with one account for free, or are an advisor looking for a custom solution to manage your clients’ accounts we have a product for you.


Every Membership Includes


Fill out a questionnaire about your investment goals and get matched with a custom universe of ETFs to build a portfolio from. We evaluate you on a range of factors from risk metrics to investment preferences.

Investment Profile

Understand what makes you tick as an investor. We uncover your investment personality, risk tolerance and some common investment traits to consider while building your portfolio.

Research Portal

Leverage our custom ETF universe to do your own  research on what to include into your portfolio. We provide key information ranging from performance to holdings so you can make an informed decision.

Portfolio Analytics

We offer a detailed analytics screen so you are informed on your portfolio’s risk and return, concentration and any overlapping funds. Tweak the weights of your portfolio to suit your needs.

"I kept going to Reddit to see what I should invest in. Not sure why I didn’t make the move sooner, so much more self explanatory on what investments to focus on and how to weight my portfolio."

Natasha A.

“I was having a tough time figuring out what to invest in. Honestly, Investipal simplified this so much for me. I fill out a bit about my goals for that account and it scores everything so I know what to focus on.”

Edward S.

“Hands-down the best analytics I have seen. I know how this portfolio has performed, what’s its dividend yield, and the correlations between all my holdings. Well done!”

Chris J.


“I built my portfolio in less than an hour!”

The custom ETF screening and research portal made it really easy to build an investment portfolio. I used to spend a lot of time researching what ETFs to consider in my portfolio and this cut that time down drastically.

“I feel a lot more confident”

I was using Reddit and other forums for investment help. They didn’t really know my financial state so I tried out Investipal. It was a painless experience to build a new portfolio from.

“I really like the portfolio sharing”

My friends and I are in a little investment club and share what we are buying together. It was much easier using Investipal to share my portfolio with my friends.

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